Надежда Гасанова (ngasanova) wrote,
Надежда Гасанова

Маркетинг в живописи

маркетинг в искусстве

1700-ые годы - что ели, пили, продавали, покупали и выращивали - 1

Adriaan de Lelie (Dutch artist, 1755-1820)

Jan Antoon Garemijn (Dutch painter, 1712-1799) The Market in Bruges 1778

Johann Zoffany (German-born English painter, 1733-1810) Florentine Fruit Stand

John Atkinson (British artist, fl 1770-1775) British Girl Bundling Asparagus 1771

John Atkinson (British artist, fl 1770-1775) Kitchen Scene

John S C Schaak (British artist, fl. Westminster 1761-1769) Tavern Interior 1762

Justus Juncker (Dutch artist, 1703-1767) In the Kitchen

Justus Juncker (Dutch artist, 1703-1767) The Maid in the Kitchen

Justus Juncker (Dutch artist, 1703-1767) Working in the Kitchen

Milk below Maids engraved by Luigi Schiavonetti 1793

Pehr Hilleström (Swedish artist, 1732-1816) A Lady at the Hearth

Molly Milton, the pretty oyster Woman Carington Bowles 1788

Unknown artist, Curds and Whey Seller c 1725-35

Sausage Woman at Covent Garden Robert Sayer 1772

Abraham van Strij (Dutch artist, 1753-1826) Cleaning up in the Kitchen
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