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Мать и дитя, мода – XVI – XVII века - Семья

1557 attr Hans Eworth. Alice Bradbridge Barnham 1523-1604 & Her Sons Martin and Steven

1562 Lady Katherine or Catherine Grey (1540-1568) & her son Edward Seymour, Lord Beauchamp of Hache (1561-1612)

1563 Bernard de Rijkere. Anna van Herstbeeke & daughter Catharina & son Jan

1595 Christening Portrait of Mother & Child English School

1595 Marcus Gheeraerts the younger (Flemish artist, 1561-1635). Anne Hopton (1561-1625) Lady Pope with son William & her children from 1st marriage

1596 Marcus Gheeraerts the younger (Flemish artist, 1561-1635). Barbara Gamage (1562-1621) Countess of Leicester with 6 of her children

1600s Marcus Gheeraerts the younger (Flemish artist, 1561-1635). Lady Anne Cotton (nee Hoghton) with her son John

1603 Charles Martin. Maria de' Medici and her son Louis XIII Musée des Beaux-arts, Blois, France

1605 Unknown English School artist, Lettice Cressy, Lady Tasburgh of Bodney, Norfolk and her Children

1611 Jacob van Doort. Anne Catherine of Denmark with Christian, Prince Elect

1615-20 Attr to a Follower of Paul van Somer (ca.1577-1621) Margaret Pheasant and her Mother

1620 George Jamesone (Scottish painter, 1589–1644) Lady Elizabeth Maxwell with Her Two Sons

1620s George Jamesone (Scottish painter, 1589–1644) Anne Ersking Count Rothes with daughters Lady Margaret Leslie and Lady Mary Leslie

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