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Семья в живописи – XVI и XVII века, часть 1

1553-55 The Jagiellon Family attr Lucas Cranach the Younger (1515-1586)

1559 Hans Hug Kluser Bildnis der Famlie des Basler Zunftmeisters Hans Rudolf Faesch und der Anna Glaser

1563-4 Cornelis de Zeeuw(fl 1558-1569) Dem Mucheron Family

1563 Bernard de Rijkere. Adriann van Santvoort & sons Guillaume & Adrian

1567 William Brooke, 10th Lord of Cobham and his Family by an Unknown Artist of the British School

1568 Katherine de Vere (c 1541-January 17, 1600) Lord Windsor (1532-1575)

1570 Frans Pourbus the Elder (1545-1581) George 5th Lord Seton and Family

1577 Martin de Vos (Flemish Mannerist painter, ca.1532-1603) Portrait of Antonius Anselmus, His Wife and Their Children

1583 Adriaen Thomasz Key (c1540-1599) Self-Portrait with family

1575 Girolamo Forni, Portrait of the gentlewomen of the Giusti del Giardino family

1563 Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II. 1527-1576 of Austria and his wife Infanta Maria of Spain with their children.

1584 Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614) Portrait of the Gozzadini Family

1584 Otto van Veentto Van Veen (Brussels painter, c 1556-1629) Self Portrait with Family

c 1585 Anthonius Claeissins (1538–1613) Family Saying Grace Before a Meal

1590 Jacob Willemsz. Delff the Elder (c 1550-1601) Self-Portait with Family

1598 Pieter Pietersz (1540-1603) Laurens Jacobszon with His Wife and Three Sons

Cornelis de Vos (Dutch painter, 1584–1651) A Family Portrait

Cornelis de Vos (Dutch painter, 1584–1651) Family of the Artist
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