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Семейные портреты

Семья в живописи – XVII века, часть 4

1650 Jacob Jordaens (Flemish artist, 1593-1678) Portrait of a Family

1653-54 Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681) The van Moerkerken Family

1655-60 Gonzales Coques (Flemish artist, c 1614–1684) A Family Group

1659-60 Mary Beale (née Cradock) (26 March 1633 - 1699) was an English portrait painter.with husband and son both named Charles.

1660 Johan le Ducq (1629-1676) The Loth Family

1660 Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo (1610-1667) The Artist’s Family

1661 Peter Thijs (1624-1677) Philips van de Werve and His Wife

1663 Jakob Ochtervelt (1635-1710) Dutch Family Portrait

1664 Daniel Schultz II (1615-1683) Family Portrait

1664 Gonzales Coques (Flemish artist, c 1614–1684) A Family Group

1664 Gonzales Coques (Flemish artist, c 1614–1684) Gentleman with his 2 Daughters

1665-70 Abraham van den Temple (1620-1672) Family Portrait

1670 Jean Nocret (1617-1672) Family of Louis XIV Château de Versailles

1673 John Michael Wright (1617-1694) Family of Sir Robert Vyner

1675 Gabriel Metsu (Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1629-1667) Jan Jacobsz Hinlopen and His Family

1695 John Baptist de Medina (Southern Netherlandish-English painter, 1660-1710) John Hay, 1st Marquess of Tweeddale (1625-1697), posing with his wife Jane & children & children's spouses.
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