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Вспомнить, подумать...

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Vincent van Gogh

Снег от Vincent van Gogh (Dutch artist, 1853-1890)

Snowy Landscape with Arles in the Background 1888

Two Peasant Women Digging in Field with Snow 1890

Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in the Snow

Miners in the Snow Winter, 1882

Landscape with Snow 1888

The Old Cemetery Tower at Nuenen in the Snow, 1885

Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in the Snow 1885

View from the Window of Vincent's Studio in Winter, 1883

Wood Gatherers in the Snow 1884

The Old Station at Eindhoven, 1885

Miners' wives carrying sacks of coal, 1882

Snow Covered Field with a Harrow

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