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Вспомнить, подумать...

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Весна в моем журнале

Гирлянды из цветов в майский день

1508 Hans Süss von Kulmbach (German, Kulmbach ca. 1480–1522 Nuremberg)
Portrait of a Young Man Girl Making a Garland

Making a Garland. Petites Heures de la Reine Anne de Bretagne

1500 - Book of Hours by Jean Poyer, known as The Hours of Henry VIII
- May - Picking Branches

Myles Birket Foster (1825-1899) May 1st or Garland Day

James Hayllar (1829–1920) May Day

Myles Birket Foster (1825-1899) May Day Garlands

1860 Thomas Falcon Marshall (1818-1878) May Day Garlands

1884 Herbert Gustave Schmalz (1856 –1935) renamed himself John Wilson Carmichael in 1918

Edgar Barclay (1842-1913) May Day

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