Надежда Гасанова (ngasanova) wrote,
Надежда Гасанова

Осенние пейзажи

Осенние мотивы в живописи разных художников XIX века

1 Jacob_van_Strij_ Autumn_Landscape_-_WGA21894 (1).jpg

Jacob von Strij (1756-1815)-'autumn landscape'- Private collection

2 Autumn_Hudson_River-John_Williamson-1871.jpg

John Williamson (1826-1885)-'autumn, Hudson river'- 1871

3 Greenwood_Lake_Autumn_on_the_Hudson-Jasper_Francis_Cropsey-1875.jpg

Jasper Francis Cropsey (1828-1900)-'autumn on the Hudson river'-
1860 Washington-National Gallery of Art

4 Autumn_Landscape-William_Louis_Sonntag.jpg

William Louis Sonntag (1822-1900)-'autumn landscape'- 1864 Private collection

5 Autumn_Landscape-William_Frerichs (1).jpg

William Charles Anthony Frerichs (1829-1905)-'autumn landscape'- Private collection

Tags: XIX век, ХХХ, осень
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