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Попурри автопортретов - 3

Honoré Daumier, Self-Portrait, 1869

Jacob Willemsz Delff (The Older), Self-Portrait with family, 1590

Maurice Denis, Self-Portrait, 1889

André Derain, Self-Portrait, 1939

Otto Dix, Self-Portrait, 1914

Kees van Dongen, Self-Portrait as Neptun, 1922

Peter Drömmer, The Revolutionary [Self-Portrait], 1919

Joseph Ducreux, Self-Portrait, 1783

James Ensor, Self-portrait, 1889

Hans Erni, Self-Portrait with Molecular Structure, 1946

Philip Evergood, Self-Portrait ("We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on"), 1956

Julian Fałat, Self-Portrait, 1910

Conrad Felixmüller, Lovers in Dresden, 1927

Eric Fischl, Self-Portrait, 1998

Wilhelm Freddie, Self-Portræt, 1938

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