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Вспомнить, подумать...

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Max Radler, Station, 1933

Unknown, White Mountain Souvenir, 1895

Gaetano Previati, Railroad on the Pacific, 1915

Georgy Nissky, Moscow Suburb, 1957

Semion Faibisovich, From the Cycle "Railway", 1990

Frank Ward, Subway, Moscow

Harald Hauswald, In the Subway, East Berlin, 1980s

Lily Furedi, Subway, 1934

Mark Rothko, Underground Fantasy, 1940

Cyril E. Power, The Tube Train, 1934

Jacob Schikaneder, Tramway in Prague, c. 1910

Mario Sironi, Il tram, 1920s

Martin Lewis, Late Traveller, c. 1930

José Clemente Orozco, The Subway, 1928

Mario Sironi, Urban Landscape, 1923

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