Надежда Гасанова (ngasanova) wrote,
Надежда Гасанова

После Рафаэля - Luigi Fabri

Luigi Fabri (1770-1835) based some of his engravings related to the beginning
of the temporal power of the papacy on Raphael’s frescoes.

Luigi Fabri (1770-1835)-'the oath of Leo III'- New Haven (Mass.)-Harvard Art Museum

Luigi Fabri (1770-1835)-'coronation of Charlesmagne'

Luigi Fabri (1770-1835)-'defeat of the Saracens at Ostia'

Luigi Fabri (1770-1835)-'battle of Constantine'

Luigi Fabri (1770-1835)-'donation of Rome'

Tags: XIX век, XVIII век, ХХХ, итальянское искусство

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